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  • The view on a snow day from my new buisness location
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  • Vines cover the ruins of the old Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island, New York.

Because everyone has a story to tell ... and Jennifer can help you tell yours

Need a professional bio for work? Need your business story for a website or brochure? Need a profile for your About page, a summary for LinkedIn or a bio for Twitter? Jennifer offers professional, quick, and compelling results:

Business Bios

For the professional or for the organization looking to tell its story


Biographical sketches, family histories, short memoirs

Résumés & More

Writing and editing that helps you accomplish your goals

Community Story

Learn more and get support for your community history project

What's your story?

Jennifer loves helping people tell their stories because people connect with each other through story. She has interviewed and profiled more than one hundred people, some famous, others “ordinary”; to Jennifer, they are all extraordinary because everyone has a story to tell. She can help you tell your story, too. She is easy to work with and brings ...

Active listening

Story-finding skills

Personalized attention

Compelling results


About Jennifer

It was a class for her anthropology major in college that first drew Jennifer to interviewing and storytelling and uncovered her love of life story that is the thread that runs through all of Jennifer's work. Did we mention that Jennifer is also a quilter? Whether for a professional bio, a profile, or marketing materials, Jennifer brings together your varied experiences to highlight the best of who you are through what she calls "the story in the story." Contact her about your project today. You can be sure that, in the words of one author whose work Jennifer has edited, "She really wants your project to succeed!"

The view on a snow day from my new buisness location

What do ‘snow days’ mean to you?

Do you ever long for a change? Wish to be your own boss or, if you already are, to instead take a job with a regular paycheck? Do “snow days” for you mean frenetically working from home while several children climb over your head? Just last week while sitting in…

boat edited wider

A scene from Maine

I like the red boat, don’t you?

Tomatoes from a friend

Looking for Big Boy — and Friends

1: The kind of dust you can feel but not see. Streaked with gold. Medusa-like stems; cracks, dots, and dashes: tomatoes from a friend. I press my nose against their warm skin; even the scent is delicious. 2: A clerk at Burlington Coat Factory becomes enchanted with my son, then…

Vines cover the ruins of the old Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island, New York.

Mere stones and stories they tell

While our storytelling can reshape the past, present, and future, occasionally something happens to set the events in stone. On a recent visit to Roosevelt Island, a lesser known part of New York City, stones lay nearly everywhere in sight. Originally home to the Lenni Lenape tribe, the island became…

Milkweed growing on the Trexler Nature Preserve above the Lehigh Valley

Where the runaway imagination goes

Last summer, my vegetable garden ran away and inspired me to do the same thing. The garden ran away with weeds, no see ‘ums, and platter-sized squash leaves. In consideration of this and of the previous years’ invasions of cabbage moths, ground hog and poison ivy, I’ve given up. The…