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‘Jennifer helped us look at our organization in a different way,
focusing on our strengths and experience.
She helped us answer the question, “How do we best use this?”‘
— Fred Bonsall, principal, Bonsall Shafferman Architects


Based on your marketing strategy or on one that Jennifer develops with you, she will:

In addition, take a peek at Jennifer’s Million Dollar Reading List; she can steer you to the titles that have the most to offer you in support of your organizational development.

‘Why testimonials?’

Your own satisfied customers, patients, donors, or benefit recipients will help you share your story and are, in fact, your best advertisement!

Consider the power of the people you serve sharing with others their delight in what you do.

Through telephone or in-person interviews, Jennifer can help turn their stories into compelling articles for you to use as you share your story in brochures and ads, magazines and newsletters, websites and more.

It turns out that the people you’ve brought through your doors and delighted actually enjoy being able to share their story.

And being listened to feels good!

Plus, it’s an opportunity to help others.

Press releases

Here’s a sample press release that Jennifer wrote for a client to share the story of his new office: Dentist debuts new office, with a smile


Or, you may not know what your story is and yet you’ve been asked for:

  • a bio, for more about that click here
  • artist’s statement for a presentation, show, or fundraiser
  • you are being honored in some way, or
  • you may have an About Me page

Jennifer can help! Many people have told her they’ve lived “quiet” or “boring” lives. Yet she can always find a compelling story that needs and deserves to be shared:

HAKOL Mort Miller story



Memoirs and personal papers

‘Make them laugh, make them cry, and hack to laughter.
What do people go to the theatre for? An emotional exercise.
I am a servant of the people.
I have never forgotten that.’ 
— Mary Pickford, silent-film era actor

Perhaps you are one person or a family with a yen to share your story in your own words. For you, too, telling that story can be an enjoyable or at least very satisfying experience; after all, some stories are quite difficult to re-visit and Jennifer understands that.

You’ll find Jennifer a good listener and able to faithfully record your words; she will work with you to bring out your story in a collaborative way.

In the process you can find peace of mind and, often, new insights:

‘The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.’
— Joseph Campbell

Click here for a sample of Jennifer’s ghost writing: Excerpt from “The Girl in the Mirror”

Maybe change is what you want.

‘The only thing keeping you from getting what you want
is the story you keep telling yourself about why you don’t have it … yet.
Divorce your story and marry the truth …
You’ve got to find the story
that’s going to empower you to act …
This is the secret.’
— Tony Robbins,
How to Train Your Emotions‘ (Motivational Video)

We all have deeply engrained stories we tell ourselves and others about our own lives.

Of course, we convince ourselves that these stories are true; we use real evidence to support these stories of our own creation, about why we haven’t achieved our goals.

‘Your emotional life is not written in cement during childhood.
You write each chapter as you go along.’ 
— Harry Stack Sullivan

We spend years wearing neural pathways through the brain, sometimes wondering why we are stuck in the same job or with the same kinds of people.

There may even be a sense of smugness when our stories seem, yet again, to be proven true.

What if you discovered that are wearing blinders?

Do you want to see outside the blinders? What alternatives, what other “99 percent” of possibilities?

Jennifer can help you get clear on a new story to replace the “old” one. This new story, or different way of looking at your life, is equally or even more accurate.

It can set you on the road to
a more satisfying work life, better relationships,
achieving your goals.

For more about this, see Jennifer’s Dreams to Reality Reading List.


Jennifer charges $60 per hour. Larger projects may qualify for special rates and flat rates are available. Serious inquiries only, please.

If you would like to schedule a time to talk about your project, specify SHARE OUR STORY or PROFILE or MEMOIR on the subject line of the form below and include your phone number in the message section. Jennifer will contact you to set up a time for a free 15-minute telephone consultation, or one by email in the case of international clients.

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