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On purpose: The big ‘why,’ answered

We all have the same purpose, I was surprised to read in Doctor-writer-life scientist Deepak Chopra’s “The Book of Secrets.” Chopra writes that our shared purpose is to help the world “expand and grow.” He suggests it may be counterproductive to have rigid goals and to struggle too hard to meet well-defined timelines, because of what we might miss. All you need to do, he writes, is commit to fully explore your own life. In this way will you find your part in the big picture — the ways in which you can help the world. These daffodils have got it without even trying. Why shouldn’t we?

In 1804, William Wordsworth wrote the world’s most famous daffodil poem. Read it here: “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”

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What’s just outside of your umbrella?

When the interviewer asked if I’d ever dealt with union officials, it seemed best to admit: “That will be a learning area for me.” Was it ever! I privately thought of one key person as a well-known figure in the French revolution and dreaded antagonizing him; yet interacting with him helped me learn when to stand my ground and how to facilitate discussions. We all have the people with whom we’d prefer to have lunch, the recreation at which we excel, the place — be it mountaintop or sailboat — where we feel most alive or most comfortable. Let’s call that the “umbrella.” The problem is, umbrellas block the view. Outside of your umbrella are, yes, more risks, but also opportunities, whether to enjoy beauty — as I did on a recent rainy morning — reach an unforeseen audience, or grow into the people we can become. Don’t believe me? Go ahead, take a peek.

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