How do you stand out in a crowd?

An acquaintance recently described to me his method of looking for a new job; he had a system, he said, but no job yet. Then he described a major fundraiser, a medical situation, and an entrepreneurial project; he revealed his frustration that his income does not match his energy output. Do you see the problem? Meanwhile, a client who works with college students talks about their “information overwhelm.” A brilliant organizational theorist describes rapid technological change with which it is nearly impossible for CEOs to keep pace, no matter how hard they try. We are all aware of a cacophony of demands, channeled to us 24/7 through electronic devices, “to-do lists,” and the people in our lives. What’s scarce and needed is attention. For multi-talented businesspeople tired of trying hard and not gaining the hoped-for ground, this means choosing a specialization and clearly stating the mission, then finding helpers to handle the rest. Not only does this enable others to understand what you are about and how you can help, but the clarity is a relief to everyone, eliminating the “static” and all that would get in the way of your call to action. When you concisely describe what you do, who you help and how, you convey a message of capability and competence, something on which to focus amidst the encroaching jungle of demands.

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