We Are a Community Wanting to Write Our Story

Do you have a keen interest in the past even as you are looking to your community’s future? Finding your community story unites these interests.

Which of these reasons to do this now sound(s) like you?

  • ‘We want to gather our elders’ stories before it’s too late.’
  • ‘It’s important to know where you come from to figure out where you’re going.’
  • ‘We’ve got a story that other people are going to want to know.’
  • ‘For our children, so they’ll know the story.’
  • ‘We’re motivated and we have a group that wants to do this!’

For step by step lessons learned about compiling community stories, contact us today! Email Jennifer@jenniferlader.com.

Jennifer spent more than 10 years gathering, writing, and editing the story of a community in her city. The project spans from 1890 to the 2010s. She interviewed some 100 community members and other contacts.

She discovered that, while not a single person had the complete story, everyone had something to share.

Eventually, the pieces began to come together into a story that is not only that one community. It is also a story of what it is to be human.

Some who contributed their thoughts and memories have since passed on, but their experiences are not lost! They appear in the manuscript that resulted.

To Help You Tell Your Community Story

Fortunately, Jennifer assembled the lessons learned, tips, and strategies that can help you complete your project in a small fraction of that time.

She would like to connect with thought leaders willing to take a fresh look at the past, to find the roots of who they want to become.

The main qualifications are that you:

  • Want a fresh look at your journey up to this point.
  • Feel a burning desire to know what it might mean.
  • Need to know whatever you will discover in order to meet several important goals. And …
  • This is a priority for you.

If this describes you and your community, email us at Jennifer@jenniferlader.com.