What do ‘snow days’ mean to you?

Do you ever long for a change? Wish to be your own boss or, if you already are, to instead take a job with a regular paycheck? Do “snow days” for you mean frenetically working from home while several children climb over your head? Just last week while sitting in my kitchen on such a day, in anguish I exclaimed to my 12-year-old, “I’m trying to think of a headline!” Well, the newspaper went to press right on schedule and then I went home last Friday for good.

Three weeks ago, I resigned from that much-loved job of three years. Anxiety? Yes, but conditions seemed right — almost like the perfect storm, which actually held off until the following Monday (today). This was the day I’d planned to take steps toward launching my writing and editing enterprise. However, a nor’easter blew in and plastered the streets with snow; oh no, this isn’t an allegory! Yet the website was already set up (feel free to browse), my calendar clear, and a rate sheet in the offing. With school cancelled and rowdies in the house (well, out sledding at the moment), it was time to scale back plans and enjoy a day off for a wonderful change!

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