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Define your purpose

“The big question is whether you are going to be able to say
a hearty yes to your adventure.”

— Joseph Campbell

A strong sense of mission drives small businesses and sole proprietorships to succeed. We will collaborate with you to write your mission statement.

For some small businesses and in larger organizations, we instead recommend a purpose statement because it encompasses and empowers — motivates! — everyone in the organization, more so than the more command-and-control-oriented mission statement.

“The two most important things Jennifer did for us were help us put our purpose into words and,
though I’ve always been willing to share the leadership opportunities,
she made us into more of a team, with others in the office beginning to bring in work.”

— Fred Bonsall of Bonsall Shafferman Architects, Bethlehem, PA

We help organizations map from mission or purpose statement to business profile. This is often framed as “our story” and comes in handy when talking with clients, potential affiliates, and anytime you need an elevator pitch.

For individuals, we write professional statements, or bios. As an individual purpose statement, a professional bio is a story-based biographical narrative that expresses who you are and highlights your background and the value you bring to all of your endeavors.

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe,
to match your nature with Nature.”
— Joseph Campbell

It communicates the unique way in which you help the world and draws to you people who feel a sense of shared purpose.

“Jennifer is amazing at drawing out a person’s attributes
through her ‘reporter-like’ process.

“After working through her process with her,
I not only had a brief, standard, and extended bio,
but I also had new talking points about myself that used
words and imagery that were
different from the ‘techie’ talk myself and all my rivals use.

“Using her standard bio on my LinkedIn summary page,
I received many more people reaching out to me.

“Additionally, the newly gained perspective
of how I can describe myself and my value-add seemed
to be better received by interviewers.”
— Andy S., Northern New Jersey

Sample bio, shown in three lengths

Because story is how people connect with one another and because the process of putting your story into words helps you recognize and pursue your purpose …

Every organization needs a mission or purpose statement
and every professional needs a bio.

Many businesses and non-profits like to include a bio for each key person on websites and in promotional materials.

Companies and people with a sense of purpose tend to achieve their worthy endeavors, as we learn from many of the titles on Jennifer’s Million Dollar Reading List.

“But I’m not sure of my purpose, am too busy with what I’m already doing … we have never put our purpose into words.” 

Jennifer can help you with this process by asking the right questions and drafting a narrative that reflects your sensibilities and way of approaching the world, whether you are an individual searching for answers or a business positioning yourself for future growth.

Plus, a sense of what your purpose is helps you figure out when to say NO to new projects.

For organizations, here’s how it works:

Within a 50-mile radius of Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, Jennifer will visit with you for a FREE 30-minute telephone or in-person consultation about your objectives in developing the purpose statement.

Depending on your needs and the size of the organization, she will then work with a selected group or, in the case of a small business, with the entire organization, to facilitate discussions around what you do, who your ideal clients are, and how to attract more of them.

She will draft the mission or purpose statement and then collaborate with you to ensure that it perfectly reflects who you are and what you do.

For those located outside of the 50-mile radius, Jennifer will contact you to develop a mutually agreeable plan of action.

Jennifer charges $60 per hour; developing a purpose statement requires three to five hours, including both meeting and writing time.

For individuals, here’s how it works:

Jennifer will spend about 45 minutes talking with you by phone after first reviewing your existing résumé and Linked In (or similar) page.

Within three business days, you will have a new bio in front of you and a second appointment to review that bio because creating the perfect bio is a collaborative process.

Your bio needs to show you at your absolute best.

Tired of what you’ve been doing? 

If you want to re-energize your small business or are soul-searching about next career steps, Jennifer can facilitate the process with questions and coaching that are guaranteed to help.

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”
— Audrey Hepburn

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Jennifer charges $199 for a professional bio package that includes:

  1. a standard-length bio of one to two paragraphs, suitable for Linked In or your website;
  2. an extended bio, useful for developing interview or presentation narratives; and
  3. a one- to two-sentence profile for your résumé or similar use.

Two revisions are included in the fee. The results are delivered by email in Word and pdf formats.

Payment is up front and satisfaction is guaranteed or your payment will be refunded in full.

Other services such as résumé or letter writing or editing may be available on an hourly basis.

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